Local or Express

Uptown, downtown. Local, express. Connections are available to the 1, 2, 3, and 9. I love the subway. It feels so cyberpunk to watch clips, play games (Alchemy!) or listen to podcasts on my phone on the subway car. And I’m embarrassingly proud of myself for finding my way around.

It’s not just the subway, actually, I love my whole trip to and from work. I like that I don’t have to think about traffic or parking, and that instead of other drivers on the beltway TRYING TO CRASH INTO ME AND KILL ME, I can sit and read my book, or listen to my headphones, or just look out the window at the New York City icons.

(Sure, it’s probably only a matter of time before I start grumbling about waiting for the bus or about how the PATH train stations seem permanently under construction. Let me enjoy it while it lasts.)

I was on the subway the other day when my stunning lack of direction struck again, so I stopped a random guy and asked for directions. He paused to think about it, and then burst into song:

“Yo-ou must take the A-train….”

Manhattan is awesome.

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  1. DarkTouch says:

    I love taking the metro. Usually what I do is go to google reader and open up all of my web comics in tabs. Then I just read through them on the train. The lack of wifi would otherwise kill me.

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