On My Way

The other day, I went to a job interview pretty close to my dad’s church, and when I got out, I had a text message from my dad asking if I wanted to come by and meet for lunch.

I texted back Great! OMW now! Even though I’m in a weird transition state right now, I was pretty happy that I’m close enough to my folks to visit them. And my dad is texting! He’s using a numberpad, which is about a step up from Morse code, but still. My parents are using technology! Can yours do that?

When I got there, though, my dad was pretty surprised to see me, since he thought I’d gone back to Scep’s place. He pointed to my text, where I’d said I was home now, only I’d used the variant spelling of home as OMW. (Even though my dad knows a lot of acronym shorthand from ham radio, like YL for “young lady”,  or CQ for “Twitter hasn’t been invented yet, anyone want to talk?” I guess it’s possible that OMW might be a bit more of an MMO term than a ham radio term).

“DAD! You thought I spelled home wrong? You think I’m a writer and an ESL teacher and I haven’t mastered four-letter words?”

At this point, my dad might have said something about my early and impressive mastery of certain four-letter words.

Anyway, I had another interview the next day, and on my way in, my dad sent me this:

GLHF 2day 88 Dad

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  1. Peter says:

    I think your dad is pretty cool. My dad never learned to use text messaging.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, my parents can’t either!

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