Not Waiting

I worked endless hours while I was in LA,  but one afternoon, my co-worker and I slipped out of the studio during daylight hours, and walked down Hollywood Boulevard to find something to eat. This trip has stunned me every morning, when I’d wake up in the hotel and re-remember that my commute to work literally involves walking down the Walk of Fame, that I can call these creative geniuses colleagues, that my job is a fascinating mix of new media and online community, analyzing statistics and understanding relationships, meeting interesting people and hiding alone with my computer.

We sat on a balcony in warm December air, where my coworker smoothly ordered wine and wild sushi-Mexican fusion, and talked about online world building and developing-world travel. I looked down over the railing at the crowds below.

“What are you grinning at?” he asked me.

“I’m not a waitress in Raleigh anymore,” I said, as if that could possibly cover it.

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