Palm Springs — San Fransisco

DEMO was held at a gorgeous resort, and I was completely impressed. This is, quite literally, the view from my balcony. I woke up every day completely amazed that this is my real life. (Of course, I spent the rest of each day rushing around, vibrating between the excruciating boredom of answering the same three questions* over and over, and the terrifying strangeness of interviews and all the other bizarre new activities that has somehow become my job.) I think I’ll come back to launch my next tech startup here, too!

After DEMO, I flew to San Fransisco for GDC. My Geary Street hotel has the thickly-painted doors and aggressively ugly linens that I’m starting to expect when I pick a hotel based on price, proximity and wifi. More importantly, it was full of students, small-studio devs and journalists in town for the conference. Game chat was constantly breaking out in the halls or over lounge coffee, and it wasn’t a rehearsed exchange of elevator pitches. The game journo dorm is definitely more home than the resort.

* Those three questions are:

1) So, it’s like Second Life, huh?

2) So, it’s like World of WarCraft, huh?

3) Wow, a girl computer gamer. Are all the boys are crazy about you?

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  1. Becky says:

    But still much better than the last three questions.

    ^_^ Your life rocks, Meg. Congrats on making dreams into reality! Can I follow in your footsteps? Please?

  2. Meg says:

    Aw, thanks! Your life is turning pretty awesome too with your novel progress!

    And all those questions beat “Can I get a Coke with that?”

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