Deep Sea

When I was in Austin for SxSW, I got the chance to check outsome amazing indie games at Screenburn, and I wrote up my reaction to Deep Sea, over at Indie Game Mag:

Deep Sea, Robin Arnott’s terrifying sound-based undersea adventure pushes boundaries between game and interactive experience. Sure, there’s combat, a battle between the player and some sort of killer leviathan, but the focus is much more on an experience than a high score.

Deep Sea caught my eye in a sea of stunning indie titles at SxSW’s indiePub pavilion because of all the apparatus. Players wear a modified gas mask, covering the entire head and blocking out all light, and a set of headphones, blocking all the noise from the show floor and playing Arnott’s creepy undersea audio.


Via Deep Sea at SxSW’s Screenburn | The Indie Game Magazine


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