I’ve got a new post up on I Heart Chaos about Zeitheist.  (Warning: I Heart Chaos is not entirely safe for work. Ahem.)

Zeitheist, which demoed last night at NYGaming at AOL Ventures, is a new web-based Twitter meta-game. The idea of a Twitter-based game may be new, but Zeitheist is a pretty addictive thirty-second challenge, asking players how well they know what’s popular on Twitter right this second.

You’re given a random number of instances, and your goal is to pick 5 words that will appear on Twitter that number of times in the next 30 seconds. Your goal is to get as close to the randomly generated number as possible, so you can’t just toss lol or the into zeitheist for the obvious zillion hits.

Via I Heart Chaos — Zeitheist, The Twitter Trends Meta-Game

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