Tomb Raider Reboot

I slipped into a demo of the new Tomb Raider reboot (Thanks again to the person who snuck me in and doesn’t want to be named on my blog), featuring a young Lara Croft. Now, I’ve always been a bit annoyed by Tomb Raider. Seems that the only thing separating it from a million other games asking you to run round and shoot things was Lara’s boobs.

I was expecting to enjoy the pretty graphics, and roll my eyes at the bouncy boobs, but I actually felt  moved when young Lara got hurt (and she DID get hurt… there’s some seriously not-Meg-friendly gore in this game). Lara does the same climbing, jumping, melee fighting and so forth that she always did, but I felt myself actually rooting for her to succeed this time. I even heard a gasp from another journo when Lara slipped and almost fell. After the barrage of gameplay demos we’d all seen over three days of E3, it really took a lot to feel connected to a character. Maybe young Lara is the sympathetic yet tough core-game heroine we’re all looking for?

Time will tell if it’s a great new game or a great demo, but it’s got me reconsidering Tomb Raider.

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  1. unless your blog mentiones the massive quantity of moaning from Lara Croft I refuse to read it.

  2. Interesting analysis of the mechanics.

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