Career Skills

I wrote the script for this video for work. (I also do a pretty rocking computer girl voice.) I’m not completely happy with it — I can never look at my creative projects without seeing a thousand improvements to make — but I’m glad my game has another asset. I was lucky to get my friend Tom to play the main role. I knew that eventually all my hours watching game trailers would eventually become a career skill.

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  1. Tim Feng says:


  2. Jerry Bonner says:

    I’ve watched a thousand game trailers as well and thought yours was well done, Meg. :^)

  3. Meg Stivison says:

    Thank you! I think it was really the voice actor and video editor who pulled it off.

  4. Jerry Bonner says:

    Well, you wrote the script as well, right? That’s the blueprint, really, and that’s the most important part.

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