Linguistic Circuits

I sent my parents my travel plans for conferences and conventions I’m covering this summer, and my dad wrote back:

Well done, Meg! Now add these phrases to your vocabulary:

(1) “Stop the presses!”*

(2) “But the people have a right to know!”

(3) “I have it on deep background that…”

(4) “Our readers want to know…”

You may now delete these phrases from your vocabulary:

(1) “Anybody need more coffee?”

(2) “It comes with French fries.”


*No one actually says “Stop the presses!” anymore but I don’t think “Login to the admin panel, and open a text editor for a recent post!” really has the same effect. Call it old-media prejudice.

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  1. Frank Fomby says:


  2. Harold Sipe says:

    I think you harbor a lot of old-media prejudice.

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