New York Pride

Last weekend, I went to the NYC Pride parade with Roy and some of his friends. The parade is always a good show, that combination of elaborate costumes and nudity, dedicated political activism and dick jokes, and there was extra excitement and energy  because New York just approved gay marriage.

Thank you gov Cuomo

I’m pretty cynical about marriage in general, but it was an absolute delight to be around so many newly-engaged couples. I’m so proud of New York for recognizing that the desire to be in a relationship with someone doesn’t have all that much to do with biological plumbing, and I hope other states follow soon. Everyone should be able to lock the person they love into a lifetime of nagging about socks and bills! (Um. I’m a total catch. And I don’t have relationship issues or anything. Not at all.)

Gay Google!!

Google had an awesome banner with two droids holding hands, which made me suddenly wonder if the Android logo has gender. They were throwing chapsticks into the crowd, and by this time, we’d worked our way right up to the barriers, so Roy caught one and I was jealous.

“Don’t be too sad,” Roy said, “You caught the condoms from that other float.”

“But that’s not special!” I insisted, “Condoms are in stores! I don’t know where to find gay Google lip balm!”

Peruvian Mermaid

There are moments when I’m so crazy about New York, and I ask myself how I thought I could be happy in Raleigh. Well, the Peruvian mermaid lesbians were one of those moments.

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