Apps That Need To Exist: Been There Map

The last time I was in Los Angeles,  Figment and I were on Sunset going to Meltdown comics, and I magically started to recognize places. Places in Los Angeles are becoming familiar to me, which sort of blows my mind a little.

Then when I was in Seattle last week, I kept noting places for when I’m back in town for Serious Play. I found coffeeshops with truly stunning coffee (as opposed to the merely great coffee), a great Thai place (Thanks, Mona!) and a not-so-steep walk from my hotel to the conference.

Been There Map would have a one-button function to instantly mark my current location on a GPS, and allow me to add a little note like this is where you always turn left, Meg, but the subway’s actually to the right or watermelon margaritas I’ve been meaning to try.

Then, instead of getting directions based on those confusing street names and compass directions, I could see that where I’m going is two blocks down from the bad Starbucks or across from the good bookstore.

I think I want my real life to have the type of functionally that computer RPG maps have.


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2 Responses to Apps That Need To Exist: Been There Map

  1. Andrea says:

    Speaking of Apps, I finally broke down and got a smartphone! Of course, I’ve only installed 8 apps so far, and there’s more than double that number that came pre-installed that I would like to remove… yeah, I’m still being dragged kicking & screaming into the 21st century 😉

  2. bethie says:

    That would be so awesome! Ahh so useful!

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