Casual Success

For questwriting at work today, I needed a map of the Next Island tropical continent. We don’t have a giant printer, so I printed out pages of map sections. Then, I looked at the unlabeled squares of terrain that I needed to reassemble into a useful game map.

All my years of casual gaming were just preparation for this moment.

(If you ever need someone to unlock a door with a slider puzzle, or arrange things in threes, I’m your girl.)

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4 Responses to Casual Success

  1. MantisBot says:

    Don’t forget about the all important fedex quests. Some games I had to wonder, what exactly were we being groomed for? Unquestioning obedience? See someone with a question mark over their head and you’ll do anything for them in the hopes of phat loots or some kind of valuable experience?

    Am I just being trained to talk to everyone until they repeat themselves several times?

    Ah, but the rewarding “Congradulation!” written in white on a black background was always worth the hours of toil. It gave such strong feelings of completion and success, right up to the point where the game started you over at the beginning again.

  2. Meg says:

    Shut up, man, I needed the map to plan our delivery missions! 😛

  3. Stick says:

    Too funny! Two weeks ago we were playing D&D and my players were struggling with a puzzle. Then Hugo said, “We need Meg here!”

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