Dune Fire

Dune Fire, by Simpson’s Paradox
There was a brush fire when we were at the beach this weekend, and my first action was to run up and take a picture for my blog. I’m not sure if this shows good journalistic instincts or blind indifference to danger.

Non-fire beach pictures:

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8 Responses to Dune Fire

  1. Your photo sucks, I don’t see any fire. Get closer!

  2. Meg Stivison says:

    Turns out the fire department gets a little bit touchy about random people getting close to fires.

  3. Just say you are a blogger and run in

  4. MantisBot says:

    Agreed. Flames or it didn’t happen!

  5. Harold Sipe says:

    The cause of that fire it totally, totally unknown…

  6. Darktouch says:

    My reading of comic books tells me that blind indifference to danger is the same thing as good journalistic instincts. Find yourself an ambiguous love interest who can fly.

  7. Meg says:

    @Darktouch Working on it! Started seeing some guy from Kansas. Think there’s potential?

  8. Darktouch says:

    Watch out that a tornado doesn’t pick him up and drop him on a witch. They might run away together.

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