I Heart Chaos: Cloud Assassin

From my newest piece on iheartchaos (Just a reminder,  my posts here are totally worksafe,  but this site is not entirely PG. Ahem.)

The new Cloud Assassin smartphone game makes the dorm (and boring workplace) game mobile and accessible. Playerscan challenge and invite players by phone number, and map their last known locations. In an awesome cyberpunk move, completely unimagined in my college water-pistol and rubber-snake assassin games, checking another player’s last known location also reveals your own. You make your kill by snapping a photo of your target’s back, and uploading it. And, yes, there’s a space for text-based trashtalking.

Ah, technology. Changing how we pretend to off our friends. Isn’t it great?

Via iheartchaos: Cloud Assass.in

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3 Responses to I Heart Chaos: Cloud Assassin

  1. MantisBot says:

    I could get behind that… Or YOU! *click*


    Inb4 innuendo

  2. Aw, but there’s no iPhone version. Damn.

  3. Meg Stivison says:

    It’s in beta now, but the final version should be Android / iPhone compatible so we can play together!

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