Power Play

I was really excited when I saw posts on my Tumblr feed announcing Reilly Brown and Kurt Christenson’s new comic Power Play:

Our story revolves around Mac, a college student in NYC who suddenly finds himself with superpowers.  Does he try to fight crime? Maybe try to take over the world? Maybe put his underwear on the outside just for fun? NO! He he joins the Power Play Games, a full contact, extreme sports league with other people with strange powers and remarkable abilities!

The premise sounds pretty great — I’ve been saying the imaginary X-Men spinoff I want to read is about daily life in Professor Xavier’s School for the gifted. Just the kids and their superpowers and teen angst, not trying to foil Magneto’s evil plots or save the world or do anything epic.

I’ve liked Reilly’s artwork since our high school magazine days and I enjoy Kurt’s essays on Unwinnable (a great blog covering indie games and comics), and I’m pretty excited to see what they’ve made. There’s a free preview issue out today on Comixology.



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  1. Darktouch says:

    I’m holding out for the superhero/porky’s crossover. Sneaking invisibly into the girl’s dorm and tossing out the panties to your flying friend outside. Just watch out for the girl with super-strength!

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