LitStack Reviews In the Snake’s October Issue

Just heard that LitStack reviewed the October issue of In The Snake (and used my favorite pullquote):

“The Age of All Nighters” by Meg Stivison was perhaps my favorite; in it, a muse remembers her youth and the many men she loved and inspired. She wistfully reflects on how they parted; sometimes she abandoned them; often they left her to pursue more upstanding, middle class lifestyles:

She didn’t mind the presence of girlfriends and wives in the lives of her men — she was a muse, she didn’t pick up socks — but she felt her age as the poets and playwrights of her youth turned practical and became mid-level managers, talking about maintenance of cars and lawns. Once she met an old lover, and when he mentioned his insurance deductible, she felt she was slipping slowly from a statue back into a block of marble.

The selections are brisk, delightful reads, each capturing something simple yet resonant about our human experience. With solid and straightforward prose, neither the language nor the intent are so stylized or esoteric that the reader need puzzle his way through to find meaning. It’s all right there to be enjoyed…so go enjoy!

via In the Snake Magazine, October 2011 Issue | LitStack.

LitStack’s Jennifer Kaufman has thoughtful and positive comments on Keith Apland’s Daisy in a Sandbox, Marlene Caroselli’s Vittorio, and Frances August Hogg’s Cherish (my personal favorite) as well. I’m so pleased and flattered to be in this group!

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