Love, Honor and Velociraptor

IMAG0123 It is the night before Hugo’s wedding. We’re sitting in his living room, with almost twenty-four hours before he’s going to be making a lifetime commitment, as he’s starting to write his vows. I have seen Hugo pull off some pretty dramatic deadline-induced successes in college, but part of me wonders if Diana will promise to love, honor and cherish, and Hugo will say “Yup, me too!”

“At the Centro,” Stick says, “we used to give our classmates words they had to work into their presentations.” This is the type of helpful comment that good friends make.

“Onomatopoeia,” says Frank, without missing a beat.

“Velociraptor,” I suggest.

“That’s it. I’m definitely going to get married now.” Stick says.

“Diana is going to leave me at the altar, and it will be your fault.”

(Spoiler Alert: She doesn’t.)

“We can just write it tomorrow, can’t we?” Hugo says, “Stick, you can help me while the ladies are getting dressed for the wedding.”

“Can’t,” Stick says. “That’s when I’m going to be writing my best man speech.”

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