Squad Eli

I’m at a pub with some friends, when I find myself chatting with a girl near me about sparkly vampires. She shares my views that the Twilight leads showed up to film so they wouldn’t get cut slips, while the supporting cast, the human high-school kids, Bella’s father, etc. acted circles around the supernaturals. She also shares my views that the last book read like Twilight fanfic. Which means…. we’d both read all of the books….

There’s a lull in another conversation, at which point we totally get caught talking about teen vampire romance.

“Twilight! Seriously, ladies? But are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?” we’re asked.

“Team Bella’s Dad?” I suggest.

“That’s who you think she should end up with?”

“Oh, is that what the teams are? I thought we were voting for most believable character.”

“I thought it was who would win in a fight,” my new friend says.


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  1. Darktouch says:

    Have you heard that according to a computational neuroscientist’s study, Edward Cullen is the straight female equivalent of what Shemale Porn is for straight men?

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