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Harold sent me an Amazon link to Wisegal, a casual game he produced, because it’s gotten a pretty stunning player review:

This game is very fun. It is not an easy game nor is it very hard. It is perfect. If you like hidden object games with a good story behind it, this game is for you!

I’m completely impressed with the review. Many outlets for player feedback are skewed towards complaints over commendations, if you know what I mean, which makes a thoroughly positive response like that one a real delight. And we journalists try to stay away from all-caps fanboy style reactions, we try so hard to be unbiased and thorough that it’s quite rare to write a review that’s so unequivocally positive (even for games I’ve really enjoyed).

I couldn’t be more impressed, but after telling Harold this, I can’t resist pointing out that listed under What Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item?, is Tiger Eye, a game I’d worked on.

In a totally unrelated news, never ever look at how many used copies of your product are available on Amazon, or how inexpensive they are. Nothing good comes of that.



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