G Train

The G train into Manhattan one morning is unusually late and unusually crowded. At each stop, as person or two get off, and a dozen more try to get on, the conductor asks several times for passengers to get away from the doors, and promises that there is another G immediately behind this one. The car I’m in is Beijing-packed full of commuters who are becoming increasingly late for work.

The conductor tries again at each stop, with increasing frustration. “There will be another G along momentarily. Please step away from the closing doors. There will be another G along momentarily. Please remain on the platform, there will be another G train momentarily.”

Finally a faceless passenger at the other end of my car shouts back: “No there ain’t!”

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3 Responses to G Train

  1. Darktouch says:

    DC conductors tell the same lies.

  2. Meg says:

    It’s ok, no one was believing it.

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