Mah-Jong Themed Mah-Jong

The other night, I met Roy at a pub in our neighborhood. We ducked in from the rain, and compared electronic gadgets, which is some cultures (this one) serves as a greeting. “Wow, you have a lot more books in your Kindle than you did the last time I saw you.” Roy said.

“Yes, well, I also have *embarrassingly high number* fewer dollars in my bank account than last time.”

“Are you using the free app-a-day function? Isn’t it great?”

“It is! But it borks up my Amazon recommendations.” I said, “I put a mah-jong app on because it was free, but now Amazon is offering me Panda Mah-Jong! Celebrity Mah-Jong! Outer-Space Themed Mah-Jong! Now the internet thinks I play dull games.”

“No, the internet thinks you’ll be entertained by the same game in different colors.”

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