Chinese Market

A colleague on my side project (more on that later) was telling me about his side project, a marketplace app. Another of our coworkers teased him into showing me the app, because ha! It’s an entirely Mandarin marketplace app!

But ha! The app’s starting screen happened to have some of the few Chinese words I can read, and knowing it was a marketplace app made it pretty easy to figure out the UI.

“Meg! You never said you can read Chinese.” the app’s creator said.

“Oh, yeah, well, I was just going to wait until you and Hung-Sheng started talking about me to break out my superpower,” I said.

(But this is a big lie. In real life, almost all the Chinese characters I can read are found on a menu. I just happened to know this one from playing World of WarCraft at a Chinese internet cafe.)

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4 Responses to Chinese Market

  1. Andrea says:

    Did you see this Not Always Right story?

    Reminded me of some of your stories from China. 🙂

  2. bethie says:

    I had an experience like that with Hindi, where people talking happened to say one of the three sentences I know. It’s pretty awesome. If I studied more it would happen more though. haha. huh, maybe I’ll do that in my new found free time.

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