So, You’re Going To Teach Latin?

Iris Magazine just did a piece on my classics background and developing MMO missions, as part of a great series of interviews with classicists in unusual fields (MI5, for example!). I like to think the topic was inspired by all the times classics are asked what they’re doing to do with that major.

When asked if there’s an interest in classics in the culture of gaming, where her project will be competing with everything from the gory Grand Theft Auto to light and fluffy Angry Birds, Meg Stivison is more than optimistic. “The myths of the classical world are appealing to all of us,” she says, “The larger-than-life characters, the intrigue, and the emotional themes in myth will always be attractive in entertainment, whether they are presented in epic poems or movies or interactive games. I’m just the next in a long, long line of storytellers to make use of these myths.”

via Iris Online – Playable myths: Classical Gaming. Thanks, Iris!

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  1. darktouch says:

    Didn’t they make a gory game based on classical mythology not too long ago? God of something? It must have been a small game but I guess it shows there is at least a niche market for those sorts of people.

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