Console Game Dating

My friend Matt has an awesome new post up on Nitrobeard about hanging on to game systems.  The whole article is worth a read, whether it’s a scarily accurate peek into your own rationale or insights into why your gamer boyfriend won’t trash hardware that’s been collecting dust for years, but this one line is brilliant:

The internet has made it harder to tell how old a person is – but a quick and easy way to figure it out is to ask which console is their all-time favorite. Whatever that console is, that’s when that person was roughly 13-15 years old.

Via Nitrobeard – Latest Musings – Why Gamers Horde – Matt Pierce

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  1. darktouch says:

    That should make mine the Original NES… and yes, I’m quite good at Mario. But I have a little more love in my heard for the PS2 we bought with our wedding money.

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