GDC Monday

Monday morning, I went to the GDC press room to check in.  I always think I’ve gotten a press invite as a mistake, so when there was some difficulty finding my name on the press list, I was absolutely sure of it. Clearly, the GDC organizers had offered me the pass before they’d figured out that I’m not terribly insightful, that I make desperately bad tech trend predictions, that I am biased towards any game that involves a desert island, and that I have to check affect and effect every time I write one of them.

At that point,  I ran into Paul Philleo, a freakishly well-connected journo friend. He’s has been a great source of journalistic advice on everything from how to pitch stories to how to cadge drinks at conferences. Also he knows where the parties are. And who everyone in the room is.

Oh, yeah, the organizers found my name in a couple minutes. So I guess the entire world isn’t really laughing behind their hands at my lack of talent.

(This time.)


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