Not Today

I’ve been feeling very not-today recently.

There are some cool restaurants by my office, but it’ll be more efficient to eat quickly and get back to my desk. I think about stopping for a coffee, a designer coffee with foam and a flavour shot and some cinnamon or cocoa sprinkled over the top, and you know, I’d like to sip it from a mug, instead of a paper takeout cup, and even read my book while I do, but I’ve got a really busy day. Maybe tomorrow.

I mean to call a friend back , but I’m tired now, I’ll call back when I’m not so exhausted. Like tomorrow, as though tomorrow I’ll get out of work early and be full of energy. My parents live about an hour and a half from my apartment, but this weekend is so busy, I’ll go see them next weekend.

I could do something awesome with my hair and my makeup, but man, this pillow is so comfortable, I can sleep for ten more minutes, run a brush through my hair, and just look like I always do.  (Ok, so for me this is lackadaisically painting a line of glitter or neon behind my eyelashes, but still.)

My post-work pub offers cocktails, and I always mean to try them, but it never seems like a good night to risk the price of a pitcher of draft for a pastel concoction with a garnish on the glass. Beer’s fine, I’ll try a new cocktail next time. And even that beer, well, tomorrow’s an early day, and I meant to get some other work done, so this’ll be my last round. Another night, guys.

The gym near my office is always offering a 12 days for $12 trial membership, but it always seems like such a crazy week right now. Those pilates and yoga classes would be fun, but they’ll have to wait. This week is just so crazy, you know? As if I could make a visible dent in my work by those five or ten or thirty extra minutes.

So, I’m going to drink more coffee and more cocktails. That’s clearly the key to a happier day!


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  1. Tim Feng says:

    Coffee with Bailey’s.

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