Fireside Chat

I’m at TechCrunch Disrupt, towards the back of a industrial hall during an informal panel of successful angel tech investors. It’s quite an interesting look at what makes a startup succeed. The interviewer’s gotten Ron Conway to admit to attending Mark Zuckerberg’s secret wedding a few days ago. Conway’s unwilling to give out any information, and finally tells the interviewer to stop asking, he won’t say anything about the other guests or the wedding itself, because we should all respect Zuck’s privacy.

A guy near me starts laughing, with those quiet, body-shaking laughs that occur only when you know you shouldn’t laugh, and you’re trying desperately to keep silent. I look over, mostly in solidarity with a case of inappropriate giggle syndrome, an affliction from affects me at awkward moments as well.

“Respect Mark Zuckerburg’s privacy,” he repeats, forcing a word out at time, through helpless chortles. “That’s great. Respect Facebook’s privacy!” He falls back into giggles.

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