Origami Rocketship


The press kit by which all others shall be judged.

The Whit.li API was one of the standouts from last week’s TechCrunch Disrupt. Whit.li uses social media telepathy, like public Facebook updates and shared links, to extrapolate the user’s personality and mood.  There are endless applications for this — from compatibility profiles to hyper-targeted advertising — but the current demo is more of a proof-of-concept than an application. You’ll have to sign up through Facebook, which is my un-favorite way of connecting with new and unproven sites, but the awesome demo will let you see what Whit.li thinks of you, and learn a bit about either your personality, or about how you use Facebook. (My personality type came back “Satisfied”, which I think is secret code for doesn’t use Facebook upates for whining.)

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2 Responses to Origami Rocketship

  1. Thanks for the great write up! Glad you enjoyed the press kit!

  2. Jack Holt says:

    “Social media telepathy”: great phrase – guess that’s why you’re the blogger! And thanks for appreciating the origami – we had fun making them. JH

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