Words With Coworkers

At work, I’ve designed a mission chain, set in Ancient Greece, and I’ve brought it to a meeting to try to get it approved.

“Well, the first thing you’re going to have to do is change the name of that mission,” my project’s creative director tells me, almost immediately. “You can’t just call a mission in our game after another game.”

“What? Call a mission after another game? You mean… the one called deus ex machina? The one set in a Greek theater? Involving the gods? And an awkward playwright? Where the seemingly unsolvable is solved?”

“Yeah. Deus Ex is just too recognizable.”

(When you’re in college, and people ask if your classics major means you’re going to teach classics after graduation, this is probably not what they’re referring to.)

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8 Responses to Words With Coworkers

  1. Christopher Ian Bell says:

    Joke’s on you. You should’ve named it “apò m?khan?s theós”.

    You might want to run that by Allison, I had to google it.

  2. Mark Valentine says:

    You immediately told him that he was wrong and then kept the name, right?

    • Meg says:

      I’ve found it’s best not to tell the people who sign my check that they’re wrong… so I was a bit more roundabout and polite.

      But, yeah, name’s still in. 🙂

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