Governor’s Island

The Figment Project was on Governor’s Island last weekend. Roy wanted to go see it on Sunday, but I have class on Sunday, so I talked him into going on Saturday instead.

“Sure you can’t come on Sunday?” Roy texted, “The chances of juggling or hula-hooping will be much higher on the island than in your class!”

“Agreed.” I wrote back. (Although my classmates are pretty creative people — I would not be surprised to find a closet juggler* or hoop dancer among them.) “But the chances of career improvement will be lower.”

“You never know what will happen on an island with creepy abandoned buildings!”

I figured that no was was going to come out the old Coast Guard houses to offer me a writing gig or a game job, so I on Saturday, we caught the ferry to Governor’s Island, where we rode bikes and checked out some of the installation and cooperative art projects around the island.


I'm very sad after some kind of monkey-related apocalypse.

We watched a hula-hooping performance, on a lawn where I could see both the Statue of Liberty and the rising new World Trade Center, over the hundred neon-haired and costumed hoop dancers. Why does anyone want to live anywhere else?

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On the way back, we crowded onto the ferry with dozens of other tired Brooklynites. We got talking to a girl juggler** (well, more Roy than me, if you know what I mean), and then met one of the guys who runs MakerFaire. We exchanged cards, talked about last year’s MakerFaire, and asked if I’d be interested in covering the show in the fall as a tech blogger. Clearly, I’d underestimated the awesomeness of a tiny island with creepy abandoned houses.


*That’s someone who secretly juggles, not someone who juggles closets.

**That’s a girl who juggles, not someone who juggles girls.


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