When I Go Out With Artists

An art class as an RPG, by Andrew Pungot

A little while ago, Harold and I caught the train out to Madison to go to the opening of a Drew University show including Kate‘s work.  I am so proud of Katie, for all the time and work she’s put into her art, especially now that we’re all older and have so many other responsibilities that it’s easy to let creative projects slide.  She did a collection of textile works that were thoughtful and funny at the same time. (I think there’s probably vocabulary to describe that.)

We went to dinner with Katie and Tryon and friends after the opening, including newlyweds Sophia and Kurt (of Hardcore Gaming 101 and a recent book on retro adventure games), and newly-engaged Becca and Phil. Weddings came up (somehow), and most of the ladies at the table copped to being wedding-criers.

“I didn’t cry at my wedding,”  Kurt said, “I haven’t cried since the end of Metal Gear Solid 3.”

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  1. Bill says:

    Did she talk about language? What about cubists? Dadists?

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