I have a new piece on Dateini from TechCrunch Disrupt for Yahoo! Shine:

Dateini, one of the startups displayed at TechCrunch Disrupt, promises to help users “plan dates like Houdini”. Users select their location, cuisine type, budget, and theme, and Dateini plans a date using those parameters. I love living in the future… or I will, once Dateini is finished.

Dateini is established in a couple major cities in the US, but fortunately for me, New York is one of them. (Because this is the greatest city in the world!) Current theme choices are Music, Romantic and Entertainment, but more are in the works. Like many TechCrunch displays, the current Dateini is much more an interactive proof-of-concept than a working product, more a demonstration of what Dateini could feature than a finished product.

I chose my city, favorite food, theme and budget, but disappointingly, Dateini sent me on a date to Central Park… which wasn’t exactly the unknown date spot I was hoping to find. With everything Manhattan has to offer, all the dates I requested as “Romantic” sent me to Central Park. Central Park’s a lovely place to go, but does it really require a date-planning app to think up bringing a date to the giant green square in the middle of Manhattan? Again, much more of a proof-of-concept than a final product.

Via Dateini | Love + Sex – Yahoo! Shine

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  1. Bill says:

    “like Houdini”?

    So that you can escape from them?

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