Misfit Heights, A Zombie Puppet Musical

I don’t usually like to repost pieces I’ve written for other sites, but I can not resist sharing a zombie puppet musical here as well.

Misfit Heights, from filmmakers James Burzelic and Daniel Grzeskowiak at Unfettered Entertainment, is a low-budget zombie puppet musical, premiering at the GenCon Film Festival next month.

I saw an early-stage build (oh, hi, guys, I’m a game reviewer and not a film critic) of a horror musical telling the story of a puppet-occupied apartment building ravaged by the undead. When the human superintendent leaves town, the building’s mad scientist and would-be evil overlord tries to raise a zombie army! Unfortunately, his undead minions don’t stay under his control for long, and the rest of the cute, ugly and wacky puppet tenants must deal with all the horror-movie carnage that ensues. Muppets run for their lives,  battle zombies, even get bitten, and deal with infected survivors… while singing some catchy and disturbing tunes.

Filmmaker Jim Burzelic says “I’ve always been a huge zombie movie fan and am always looking for any excuse to include them in everything I’m doing.  In discussing different possibilities, Dan Grzeskowiak asked, “What if Night of the Living Dead happened on Sesame Street?”  and that was all I needed to hear.”

Unfettered Entertainment‘s next project is Space Ale, a webseries about the adventures of a microbrewer caught up in an intergalactic war. (I’ve heard the man with the six-pack saves the world.)

Misfit Heights premieres at GenCon in Indianapolis, at 10 PM on August 17th. If you won’t be in GenCon, Unfettered Entertainment is looking to present their film at other conventions and film festivals around the country. More information can be found at MisfitHeights.com.

Written for I Heart Chaos :: Misfit Heights: A Zombie  Muppet Musical. Disclosure: Not only am I not a film critic, I’m not even unbiased. Jim Burzelic, and Steve Gossett (voice of Fatty, Tex, Chubby, Dad, Front Gator and others…), and their friends are some of my favorite things about Los Angeles.

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