From A Player on Next Island

Even though I’m no longer at Next Island, I’m still quite proud of the work I did in questwriting and dialogue, and I was really pleased to read this from a player:

I started on one planet, made my way to the others, and after finding this one last, made the stark realization that Next Island was the closest to a single-player game I’d seen so far. The plots are multi-threaded, with follow-through & character development. They lead you through without the sense of being lead-by-the-nose. I’m really interested in what happens next (as opposed to being told to hunt more monsters for little reward).

Thanks, Miac. It’s really great to hear that you enjoyed the characters and connections on Nesoi Makaron.

Via So, now what? | Next Island Forum



A player posts to on the forum about having “a blast” with missions.

A player reading my dialogue and talking back to my character


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