Heroes Rise: The Prodigy

I have a new review up on IGM:

Heroes Rise: The Prodigy
is an interactive fiction game for PC, Kindle, iOS, Android, and Linux.
You play as a young would-be hero, in the Powered world of Millennia
City, but when the game opens, you are an underpaid, part-time videogame
tester, so low-level the execs don’t even know your name. (I’ve
actually been in that position, and I loved the industry nod from author
Zachary Sergi.)  Since your famous Powered parents were jailed after a
botched operation, you’ve been living quietly with your gardening
Grandma, under an assumed name. But all that will change when you get
your hero’s license….

The game is a text-based adventure, using ChoiceScript, in the vein of Choice of Romance, and Choice of the Vampire.
I love interactive fiction games. I’ve played a lot of Adventure, Zork,
and similar text-only games, so I’ve spend a lot of time trying to open
doors with Use Key, Turn Key, Unlock Door, and Use Key With Lock where
Use Key In Door was required.  ChoiceScript, though, avoids the most
frustrating part of IF games by providing multiple choice options
instead of asking users to enter text.

Via Heroes Rise: The Prodigy | The Indie Game Magazine

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3 Responses to Heroes Rise: The Prodigy

  1. Bill says:

    I learned how to type by typing in ‘Rub stone’ over and over and over again in King’s Quest 3 before the Yeti got me.

    I am fascinated by the idea of a Kindle game though. Going to have to look this up.

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