How Not To Network

I’d planned to go to Casual Connect as a writer, but after I lost my job, I had a new second agenda. That’s why I was forcing myself to attend mixers, swap business cards, mention what I do, and ask about possible work.

Mixers aren’t exactly my strong suit, but most people at the show were so very supportive, telling me stories about their projects going pear-shaped, asking for writing samples to have on hand in case of a dialogue-writing emergency, or suggesting friends of friends who might be looking for my skills.

But not everyone was awesome.

“So, you just make up the dialogue for an MMO?” I was asked. “That must be so easy. Doesn’t it ever bother you that everyone just hits ok and no one cares about the words?”

I gave him my card (PR agency! I’m sure he’s got loads of contacts! Hopefully he doesn’t lead in like that with everyone… ) and then I walked away and got another free beer. Because I’m a writer, and that’s what we do.

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4 Responses to How Not To Network

  1. Bill says:

    Write drunk, edit sober.

    Do your best to ignore the assholes.

    • Meg says:

      “Write drunk, edit sober” might be my new motto!

      It was really only one jerk in a super supportive crowd, which is what made it stand out so strongly!

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