My Internal Monologue, #1

Your magazine has 80 Twitter followers? Man, you can double that by tweeting “naked” and then “iphone”.

—Things I did not actually say today.

(I did not take the offered position, even though the “magazine” in question offered to handle all of my “advertising, social media, promotions, outreach, and marketing”, and only take 50% of ad revenue…)

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2 Responses to My Internal Monologue, #1

  1. Perhaps it was something they needed to hear. The truth hurts, but sometimes it needs to be said.

    • Meg says:

      I did say that that was the reason the opportunity probably wasn’t for me, which prompted the would-be editor to tell me “Good luck competing, we have 20,000 page views a day!”

      He did not actually sign off with “/ragequit” but it was a pretty odd conversation.

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