Non-Ironically Loving The Subway

I’ve been spending more time in Brooklyn since I no longer have to go into Manhattan everyday, and it’s been pretty great. I love Brooklyn, and I’ve been enjoying visiting all the hipster coffeeshops and seeing my neighborhood during daylight hours. At the beginning of the summer, once day when it was unexpectedly windy at Coney Island, I bought a Brooklyn zippered hoodie, and I wear it non-ironically.

The other day, I went to Manhattan for a tech demo at the Time-Life building. I caught the C, at the time of day when the subway cars are bringing skinny jeans and giant headphones (playing cooler music than I’ve ever heard. I’m sure), to their midtown jobs at companies with self-consciously unique compound words for names. I love the subway anyway, even though I’ve been told that August is perhaps not New York’s best month.

And I love Manhattan too.  I even love the tourists in Manhattan. Ok, maybe I don’t love the ones that think that the bottom of an escalator, or in front of the subway turnstile is a good place to stand around and look confused, but I love that people come from all over the world to visit and take pictures, and I live here.

I remember driving with Figment once, and being amazed by how much he loves Los Angeles, and thinking how much I would like to live someplace I loved like that. And I guess now I do.

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  1. I’m one of those people who ‘accidentally’ crash into that person standing at the bottom of an escalator. “Ooops.. sorry!”

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