NYC Gaming September Demo Night

Last night I went to the NYC Gaming September Demo night at Microsoft.  Grumpy Goats was one of the demos, it was really fun to see the changes made to the game and see the guys from Verge. Also saw Cloudberry Kingdom, a formerly-indie (congrats on getting a publisher!) platformer known for the practically impossible auto-generated levels, and Top Bot, an adorable asynchronous racing game with taunting from cutely customizable bots. The combination of My Little Pony hair and Geordie’s visor seemed the most popular look… I think this crowd is my people.

There was also another demo, where the presenter raised some really thoughtful points on freemium games, price points, and perceived value, but then colored it by saying that this particular game is so easy that even your mom or your girlfriend could just pick up and play it! Which is great news for those ladypeople who really wanted to begin playing regular games, but are prevented by our ovaries!

Ran into friends from Next Island and Grumpy Goats, and swapped some game development war stories.  As we were leaving, one of the organizers from General Assembly said that we should all take the leftover beers with us! You know, for cleaning and recycling purposes. Not because the game dev crowd needs to drink more, of course.

We all looked at each other, contemplating the awkwardness of slipping beer bottles in our purses and pockets, and then of course we did.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure these are my people.

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