Recent Projects

I’ve got a piece on Tapscape talking about a recent texting ban in India. I should probably be discouraged from speculating on tech trends, but I was fascinated by the clever workaround individuals are using to circumvent the ban. It reminded me of some of the clever ways my expats friends and I would get around the Great Firewall and keep up with friends at home.

New game review on the island sim Robinson, because it’s been almost a month since my last island game review. Robinson fell totally flat though.

Robinson by Pixonic, is an adorable island sim for Android, promising escapist casual play and delivering forced friends and forced paid upgrades.

I’ve been writing some player guides for The Jockey Club‘s new Facebook game Thoroughbred World.

I’ve started a new contract job writing dialogue for another MMO — more on that one later. I’m afraid to say too much about it until everything is signed and settled.

And of course I’m still over at the Indie Game Magazine, talking about news in the indie game world, and letting my colleagues introduce me to awesome new indie titles.

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