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I have a new piece up on thalo today, talking about IndieWalls:

NEW YORK, NY — In the creative world, promised exposure for one’s work can be secret code for unpaid labour.  Therefore, I was understandably intrigued but a bit guarded when I heard Indiewalls’ offer of great exposure for local artists. Curator Tamara Weg was kind enough to talk with me after the Indiewalls presentation at DreamIt’ demo day here in New York City, and explain more about what Indiewalls can offer artists.

Startup Indiewalls is a connection between local artists with original works to display, and local venues. It provides exposure in high-trafficked spots for the artist and rotating exhibits for the venues. Weg’s role is to review portfolios from interested artists, before offering the works to potential local venues. She became interested in this type of curating when she “fell in love with interacting with emerging artists and displaying their works. This ties in to the best part of curating for Indiewalls; being able to support and develop artists’ careers while simultaneously supplying venues with the beautiful artwork.

I picked the accompanying photos from the IndieWalls collection, planning to chose samples of work in unusual media. I also happened to choose pictures of NYC icons…  Sometimes my subconscious thoughts are very clear.

Via INDIEWALLS: Connecting Local Artists with New Venues on thalo

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