Short post up on IGM talking about a new Android game called Lucky, from I’d be into an experimental narrative-focused game about perceptions of success even if the dialogue wasn’t written by awesome Jerry Bonner! I’m already a fan of Jerry’s game editorials and reviews, and I always like dialogue-driven game stories.

Lucky is’s new story-driven title for Droid OS and XBox Live Indie Games, exploring the narrative of an individual character, and the perceptions and expectations of personal success for all of us.  In this game, players take on the role of William, a handsome, smart and self-absorbed hedge fund manager.  After a one-night stand, William’s world is unsettled, and he needs to discover and confront the reality of his life so far. Has he really earned and worked for his successes? Is he really just lucky? He tries to uncover what the people around him are hiding from him, and it seems he might be hiding something from himself, too.

The game story is by Guy Galer, the developer behind’s previous XBLIG titles like Bureau – Agent Kendall, and Colonies: Neociv, and writer Jerry Bonner. Bonner’s work has appeared in IGN, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Ars Technica, 1UP, GamePro, and enough other outlets to make aspiring games journalists cry. I’m just saying.

So far, the game is, uh, very much meant for the male gaze, but I’m thinking that’s because William is kind of a womanizer.

Via Explore Success and Luck with’s ‘Lucky’ | The Indie Game Magazine.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Thanks again, Meg! You rock!

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