I’ve got a new post on IGM about the upcoming Primordia,  developed by Wormwood Studios, and published by Wadjet Eye, with music by Nate Chambers!

Normally, a game with a publisher seems like the opposite of indie, but we’ll make an exception for the awesome indie producers Wadjet Eye Games, the team behind Puzzle Bots, Gemini Rue and the Blackwell series, among others. Actually, IGM’s written lots about Wadjet Eye Games’ previous titles, and Alex Wilkinson recently blogged about Primordia and shared the trailer, and Mike Gnade met with Wadjet Eye’s Dave Gilbert about Wadjet Eye’s past and future projects.


Primordia has just been declined by Steam, which is a bit surprising to me because Steam does offer several other Wadjet Eye titles.  Interestingly, one of the topics Mike and Dave chatted about was Steam’s initial rejection of Wadjet Eye Games’ Gemini Rue, and what Dave and his team did to eventually get it released on Steam. Would-be Primordia players who’d like to see this game on Steam can show their support here.

via “Primordia” Preorders Begin Today | The Indie Game Magazine

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