Career Advice

Roy: you should write for ***publication***
they are really one of the top level outlets for general audience/enthusiast tech reporting and they are looking for columnists ***link***
Meg: Oh, nice!
Roy: i’m sure you have a solid application package on hand to send them
Meg: well… I have some good clips
but I hate writing up cover letters
Roy: haha
Meg: No, seriously, if I could just send my clips with a “click here if interested” button, I’d be so happy
Roy: you should have a couple of standard cover letters on file that you can customize quickly
Meg: I have a skeleton one that I tailor for each application, but I am so uncomfortable telling people why I’m awesome
Roy: haha
well you better practice!
Meg: I really don’t know what to say besides that other people hired me
and they thought I was pretty good
so maybe you should too
you know, if you want to
no pressure
Roy: you might want to reconsider that part


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4 Responses to Career Advice

  1. Alexia says:

    I’m the same, except that I translate and proofread more than I write. I see a blank space and my reflex is to write on it. But writing cover letters? I get serious jitters. Automatic white page syndrome.

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  3. bridget says:

    but I am so uncomfortable telling people why I’m awesome

    That’s what friends are for! “Hey, guys, tell me why I would be the best employee that this company could hire.” Change the second person to the first person, clean up the grammar, add appropriate paragraphing, and you have yourself the “Why Meg would be awesome for this job” section.

    (You know that this would work. In fact, you probably helped one of your friends do something similar for his online dating profile.)

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