Castaway Paradise

Wrote about the upcoming Castaway Paradise on IGM, as I pursue my life goal of playing every single island sim game ever.

Stolen Couch, the indie studio  behind Ichi and Kids Vs. Goblins, plan to release Castaway Paradise, a new free-to-play island sim for iOs, Android, PC and Mac.

Stolen Couch had me at “island sim”, I think the survival genre lends itself very well to crafting, farming and exploration game mechanics, and the island narrative is a perfect escapist fantasy.  We don’t need to discuss how many hours of my life I’ve spent playing Lost in BlueStranded Without A PhoneSims Castaway…  Even titles like Youda Survivor and MyTribe, which are essentially time-management games with island art and basic survival narrative, kept me playing.

Via Stolen Couch’s Upcoming ‘Castaway Paradise’ | Meg Stivison | The Indie Game Magazine

Other island sims games not mentioned in this post: Pixonic’s Robinson, Monkey Island, that other version of MyTribe,

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