Also, I Have Terrible Taste In Music

I just did a story on MySpace’s re-re-re-relaunch, which allowed me to have a laugh at a failed social networker getting some new investment capital to relaunch as a shiny new social networker, and also allowed me to enjoy some of my guilty pleasure music.

… I’m more surprised that he and his publicists through being connected to MySpace was a good idea. Sure, MySpace was an awesome social site, when making a profile and collecting friends was new, but it spent longer as as musical spam site for struggling bands.

The new MySpace offers an option to sign in with Facebook, but even without the hassle of filling out names and information, I’m really curious if any of you are planning to make a MySpace profile, or resurrect your old one. Inside, users can browse through music and musicians, with a lot of the social features of Spotify. Only, as with any social networker, until there’s that critical mass of users, most of social interactions and recommendations can’t function.

I did download the single Suit & Tie, MySpace is Back... With Justin Timberlake though, and I wouldn’t even have known the song was out without seeing it on the front page of MySpace, and then getting an easy download link immediately after logging in. Maybe the whole MySpace relaunch is a marketing vehicle for him! Well played, Justin Timberlake, well-played.

Via MySpace is Back… With Justin Timberlake on TapScape.

My editor has pretty strict guidelines about SEO in titles, so I wasn’t actually able to title this I’m Bringing MySpace Back. You’re welcome!

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