New piece up  on thalo about Elsewhere in Greensboro. Still seems weird seeing a North Carolina dateline on my pieces…

GREENSBORO, NC — At first glance, Elsewhere looks like another Greensboro, NC, antique shop or gallery, open late in the evening for a First Friday festival. But this living museum is piled with toys, textiles, and unusual installation work from resident artists, students and visitors.

Historically, the building on South Elm Street was once Joe and Sylvia Gray’s army surplus shop, with a boarding house upstairs. After her husband’s death, Sylvia began to purchase other goods, like textile remnants, that she could sell in the shop. She began to visit the local secondhand and thrift shops, adding clothing, dolls, books and housewares to what was becoming a collection of collections. By the end of her life, the shop was more like a hoard, with a thin path allowing a few shoppers to make their careful way inside.

Via Elsewhere: Installation Art.

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