Dungelot: Amazing Dungeon-sweeper


New article on Hardcore Droid, talking about lite roguelike dungeon-crawler Dungelot:

Since Dungelot is described as a roguelike, I’d expected the usual endless player deaths, punishing difficulty (especially through bad luck), and a lot of mind-numbingly repetitive replay. The game opens with a warning about just how often players will meet death in the dungeons, and, yes, there is a certain amount of hero death in the dungeons, but I was pleasantly surprised with how delightfully replayable Dungelot was. Was it the cute monsters? Goofy distilled missions? The addiction of finding magical items? I kept promising myself I’d start taking some notes after just one more run.

Via Dungeonsweeper!. Also on Hardcore Droid, I recently reviewed Dark Arcana, Zenonia 5, and Knights of Pen and Paper, and wrote a player guide for Rebuild.

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