Find The Lamp, The Oil, and The Wick

 I wrote about that adventure game with hidden object elements, Dark Arcana, for Hardcore Droid. I enjoyed playing it, and would recommend the game, but couldn’t resist a little snarking at hidden object cliches.


In a typical HO game, players need a pretty strong suspension of disbelief. Sure, clicking the number five on the wall or collecting eight clothespins will advance the plot. Whatever, just roll with it. Since adventure game Dark Arcana has a stronger narrative than the standard HO game, some of the typical HO silliness is more pronounced. Why did I throw the saw away after one use, forcing me to find an axe, shears, scissors, and a collection of other one-time-use cutters? Why does knife thrower Jim keep locking doors and chests but not so cleverly hiding the key in the next room? Sure, there are probably detective rules about not pocketing the suspects’ valuables, but did I really just use that giant diamond to cut glass, and then toss it away?

Via Dark Arcana: The Carnival on Hardcore Droid.


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