Leaving Brooklyn

I’m back up in Brooklyn, staying in my apartment for the last time before I move to Chapel Hill. North Carolina is still not my favorite place ever (Places I would rather live include the Fire-Swamp and Antarctica), but I’m so excited to be with Harold and start the next part of my life with him!

It’s raining just a little bit tonight, which means I get one more night sleeping under my skylight and listening to the traffic and rain. Which might be my favorite thing in Brooklyn.

Actually, there has been an endless string of my favorite things in Brooklyn. I went to Cafe 232, the Korean coffeeshop on Taaffe, and got my tea and my usual table, and did some work for a while. Harold and I started going here right after they opened. Now I have a Spotify mix of the hipster songs they play there, AND a Pandora station of songs that sound like they could be played here.

I also went to a couple restaurants that I’m really going to miss.  I tried to go to Wally’s but I think they are permanently closed!

A few weeks ago, I got talking with a friend of a friend in Chapel Hill, and she was telling me how she used to live in Bed-Stuy, and asking about some of the places where she spent her time. She’d only been away a few years but most of them were gone or changed, and it was a reminder how dynamic and exciting that neighborhood really is.

Brooklyn has been really good to me, and I’m excited to see what the next stage will be.

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